About me

What to say about me , well I'm a native of Lucania , it was in Italy !! :) The Lucania ( Basilicata ) forgotten region that gave me birth , and I'm proud of , unexplored land , the beautiful and mysterious at the same time . Then I moved to work in the north and now it's been almost 20 years. I am an ambitious person and stubborn ... who knows me will testify : ) .... I have a little secret dreams and I hope to achieve them slowly , one of these is being able to realize a photographic project precisely on my land originally, discover and explore many unknown beauties ..... who knows ! I thank all the people who support me , and stand around , my family , a few friends ....


Using 15 years photoshop years now , I can not claim to have discovered and learned all too because I think the software is Sectored according to your needs . But the level of knowledge for what comes to editing and photo processors is at high levels :) . My study and learning towards the software useful to photography has moved on Lightroom known and lesser known Capture One . As in all the work and passions we must keep up to date otherwise you fall behind.